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How We Can Help You Get out Early
Federal Bureau Of Prisons Early Release Program
RDAP Eligibily Assistance
The Bureau of Prisons has a 500 hour in custody program mandated by the  U.S. Congress
pursuant to 18 USC 3621 called the Residential Drug Abuse Program aka "RDAP".  The RDAP
Program allows all eligible inmates to receive up to a 12 month sentence reduction, and a 6
month Reentry Center,  Half-Way House/Community  Corrections Center (CCC) Placement.
In order to qualify, you must have a documented history of drug (substance) abuse or
dependence during your last 12 months prior to your arrest, which includes legal and/or
illegal drugs, prescribed or not, and/or alcohol abuse.
If you were truthful when your PSI  was  prepared by the U.S. Pretrial Services, it should be
listed under the Substance Abuse Section PSR. Many times this is not the case, because
either your lawyer advised you not to disclose this information, or you were afraid to tell the
U.S. Probation Officer assigned to prepare your PSI/PSR, for fear of getting another charge.
American Prison Consultants, can legally assist you in validating all the eligibility
requirements for RDAP, by having you evaluated by a licensed drug treatment counselor,
who will then, based on the information YOU PROVIDE, generate a chemical dependency
assessment that utilizes the exact criteria that the Bureau of Prisons uses to admit people
into the RDAP Program.
Get out of Federal Prison up to 12 months early
Applying For The RDAP Program
Inmates may apply for the RDAP program at any time after entering custody, but are generally
not interviewed until they are within 36 months of  release. Most inmates are within 24-26
months of their release date at the time they enter RDAP, and in reality, may only receive 6-9
months off their sentence due to the large amount of inmates enrolled in the program.
  • Those with pending state charges, detainers, outstanding warrants

  • INS - ICE Detainees (Immigration Inmates)

  • Pre-Trial Inmates (Awaiting Sentencing)

  • Military Inmates and State Inmates

  • Inmates who have a prior felony or misdemeanor conviction for homicide, forcible rape,
    robbery, or aggravated assault, or child sexual abuse offenses

  • A current felony charge that has as an element, the actual, attempted, or threatened use
    of physical force against the person or property of another, or that involved the
    carrying, possession, or use of a firearm or other dangerous weapon or explosives
    (including any explosive material or explosive device), or or that by its nature or
    conduct, presents a serious potential risk of physical force against the person or
    property of another,

  • conduct that involves sexual abuse offenses committed upon children.
Current B.O.P. Policies Allow Those With Child
Pornography Convictions To Attend and Receive
Time Off Their Sentences Upon Graduation RDAP
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