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"Take the mystery out of federal prison by
attending fed time 101."
By KTRH's August Skamenca
An announcer on the website tells you about an instructional
course for people facing time in the big house. No, it's no joke,
but a source of information for potential convicts from a real-life
federal prison convict wanting to live life on the right side of the

Larry Levine runs American Prison Consultants. What's his story?

"I had some clients that were involved in organized crime. And I
guess I got a little bit too involved with my clients and I started
gradually shifting a lot of my work load from legitimate clients to
working with them and I got involved in narcotics trafficking,
securities fraud, weapons," Levine said.

His crash course to survive a prison sentence comes complete
with a syllabus and costs just $750 dollars. It walks students
through everything from how to survive a prison riot to flying Con
Air to microwave-cooking techniques.

And it's not just run-of-the-mill criminals reaching out for help.
Levine represents high-profile clients too. He recently received a
call for help from the legal team representing the former mayor of
a major American city who facing tax evasion charges.